The crisis is here. Glaciers are now losing 30 percent more ice and snow every year than they did 15 years ago. Many glaciers could be gone by 2050. A paradigm shift in global energy production is critical, but that won’t happen overnight. It is equally critical that we buy time. As the world slowly pivots toward sustainable forms of energy, the rigorously evaluated solution from Bright Ice offers hope in the form of a safe, localized stopgap. 

Tax-deductible Donations, Courtesy of Ecologistics

Bright Ice Initiative was incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of California in 2022. While we await IRS approval for nonprofit status, we are working with fiscal sponsor, Ecologistics, to accept tax-deductible donations.

To donate by check or DAF, please make the check out to “Ecologistics, Inc.” and note “Bright Ice Initiative” in the memo then send to: Ecologistics, Inc., 633 Ramona Ave., Space 103, Los Osos, CA  93402. The EIN for Ecologistics, Inc. is 27-2116150. To donate by wire transfer or stock donation, please email for further information to

Donate Now

Thank you on behalf of our partners and communities. Every dollar buys more time for glaciers and the palanet.

Watch the Climate Benefit Concert on YouTube

The Save-the-Glaciers Climate Benefit Concert aired during the first week of the United Nations COP27 Climate Change Conference. All six days are now available on the Healthy Climate Initiative YouTube channel. Learn more about the pressing need and the incredible, solution-driven work of leading conservationists, scientists, and organizations and enjoy performances by artists from around the world.